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In 2007, I moved from the sprawling metropolis of Los Angeles, where I had lived for almost a decade, to a walkable, eco-friendly city in western Canada. I'm not gonna lie: it was hard at first. But with time, I saw the city change and grow and as it did I started to fall in love with it. 

British Columbia's largest city consistently ranks near the top of lists of the world's best cities. But unlike other places that often make the cut (Melbourne, Munich), the City of Glass has not often been accused of having its finger on the pulse of cool—until now.

A collection of articles about Vancouver and elsewhere in Canada.


For this Vancouver-based quarterly magazine, I climbed a Via Ferrata in the Canadian Rockies; I learned to drive a Porsche on snow and ice at Camp4Canada; I interviewed industrial designer Omer Arbel; learned about what it takes to make the best Italian gelato; and took a Whistler road trip behind the wheel of a Lexus fitted with a Mark Levinson audio system.

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