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Exploring Tulum

Secret Bars of Buenos Aires

1 City, 5 Ways: Buenos Aires


I was born in Buenos Aires, a mesmerizing city that fuses politics, history, culture and what is maybe the wildest nightlife on earth. I return often to visit family, to marvel at the Gothic and Renaissance architecture that lines the cobblestone streets, to shop at antique markets, and sip espressos with porteño friends. I never tire of Buenos Aires and discover something new on every visit. I've written about the city's cafe culture, its art scene, architecture, and about Argentine wines. 

Here's a collection of articles written about Argentina and elsewhere in Latin America.

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Conde Nast Traveler

Buenos Aires City Guide:
Paris Dressed in a Messi Shirt

Buenos Aires has been called the “Paris of South America” for decades, but to know this city is to endure a decidedly more visceral affair. Beneath the neoclassical architecture, artful pastries, and sprawling green spaces is the bleeding heart of the city—a city where the soccer games are to be wept over, the whip-quick moves of tango never miss a beat, and the sounds of sizzling asado and flowing Malbec carry late into the night.

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Buenos Aires Style 

Immerse yourself completely in the look and feel of Buenos Aires living with this vivid and wide-ranging selection of photos, from cityscapes and exteriors to interiors and details. In sumptuous, full-page photos, the beautiful polo grounds of the region’s most famous estancia, the Benquerencia, are contrasted with views of a vast selection of homes both traditional and unusual, such as the eclectic apartment of artist Gustavo Godoy, decorated floor to ceiling with colorful antiques and religious paraphernalia. Also pictured are mainstays of Argentinean life and culture such as churrascos (barbecue stands) and the much loved tango.

I was engaged by Angelika Taschen, of the iconic publishing house, to write the copy for Buenos Aires Style.

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