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I'm Celeste Moure.


I'm a journalist, copywriter and forward-thinking storyteller able to weave business goals into clear and actionable narrative and language. I'm a dot connector and boundary pusher.


Creative teams trust my input; business partners have faith in my strategic knowhow. I ground the work in what’s needed now while keeping an eye in what could be. 


I have a passion for nurturing relationships with clients and use that harmony to align partners around a vision.

Editorial: Lifestyle

Over the years, I've had the chance to meet some iconic figures in entertainment, design and architecture. I've interviewed up-and-coming artists, celebrated chefs and hoteliers.


Here's a collection of recent and favorite articles.

Editorial: Middle East

In 2016, I moved to Tel Aviv, where I rented a loft in Yafa and spent the next six months eating, drinking, dancing and culture-crawling my way across the city. I got to explore a good chunk of Israel and traveled to Jordan, Oman, Dubai and Qatar.  


Explore a small selection of published pieces from my travels in the Middle East.

Surfer in Yaf-Tel Aviv
Editorial: Canada

In 2007 I moved from the sprawling metropolis of Los Angeles, where I had lived for almost a decade, to Canada's third largest city. I'm not gonna lie: it was hard at first. In fact, for a long time I disliked everything about Vancouver: the size, the weather, the lack of a good taco joint. But with time, I saw the city change and grow, and as it did, it started to grow on me. 

Vancouver consistently ranks near the top of world's best cities lists. But unlike other places that often make the cut (Melbourne, Munich), the City of Glass has hardly ever been accused of having its finger on the pulse of cool—until now.

A collection of articles about Vancouver and elsewhere in Canada.

Editorial: Argentina & Latin America

I was born in Buenos Aires, a mesmerizing city that fuses politics, history, culture and what is maybe the wildest nightlife on earth. I return often to visit family, to marvel at the gothic and renaissance architecture that lines the cobblestone streets, to shop at antique markets, and sip espressos with porteño friends. I never tire of Buenos Aires and discover something new on every visit. I've written about the city's cafe culture, its art scene, architecture, and about Argentine wines. I've also penned a design book, Buenos Aires Style, for Taschen.

Browse through a collection of articles about Argentina and other Latin American destinations.

A page from Taschen's Buenos Aires Style book, written by Celeste Moure.
Celeste Moure on assignment in Tofino. Photographed by Allison Kuhl
Social Media 

As a social media influencer, I have partnered with various companies (Vancouver-based Herschel Supply Co., Frank & Oak), hotels and tourist  destinations (Mexico, Four Seasons Hotels, Belmond) to produce content for Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and branded blogs.

Storm Watching in Tofino

Celeste Moure

Vancouver, Canada

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